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Why was Watchdogs delayed?

Ubisoft has a lot riding on Watch Dogs as the birth of a new and potentially extremely valuable IP. While Assassin’s Creed is a great staple for them, the series is likely going to lose a lot of its luster as it becomes a yearly event. As surprisingly good as the recent Black Flag was, it’s likely the series will lose steam eventually, and Watch Dogs could be Ubisoft’s next main focus.

Four months have passed since Watch Dogs' initial launch date and still the game isn't on shop shelves. But - as announced earlier today - Ubisoft's tech-savvy open world is now, finally, coming. Just two more months remain until its marathon five-year development draws to a close.

Game delays are hardly rare - far from it - but Watch Dogs' last-minute postponement still raised eyebrows. The decision was made just four weeks before the game's original 19th November launch, and its profile as a major next-gen console launch title meant many had already pre-ordered the game in a bundle with a new console to play it on.

This last delay announcement was a gut punch to tons of people who preordered the game with their PS4s and anyone who wanted the next gen title during this holiday season. A year and a half of anticipation is going to have to wait until next year to be sated.

But might this cloud have a silver lining?

Do you think the game will stick to it's release date of May 27th, 2014? Watchdogs

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A lot of chatter has been on the web about the potential reasons, officially Ubisoft maintained that they were polishing the game and adding those finishing touches.

Here’s a quick example which the development team had added.

For Aiden – to hack into an NPC’s communication device – basically, their headset, to block them from calling in reinforcements. they actually used a variation of that in the first demo shown at E3, where Aiden hacked in the communications system and disrupts a bouncer from talking with someone on the phone.

But they also wanted the hacking of the headset to be useful in combat. Someone had an idea a while ago: What if we had high-pitch, high-volume sound push into those headset? How would someone react to that? According to most of the previews it has been quite good.

Plus they have also made changes to the UI Profile and tracking of progress. So I think that sums it up :)

Here is what Senior Producer Dominic Guay had to say about the delay in release.


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I think the game is awesome, I kind of think that it was a marketing plan to make all of us gamers excited :)

Lets see if the game is good enough...as far as the trailers are concerned the look promising.

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I think they were having a Pizza party :) :P

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