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Exactly how short is Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes?

I have heard the game is short and the gameplay is really good, but this could have been a demo to Phantom pain. Konami taking is way too much for the game, is it true?

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Nordic Slayer
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I have never really enjoyed Metal Gear games before. I've always wanted to. I love the sneaking, but I always found these kind of 'corny'. To be honest, I finally thought Kojima would go with a typical modern engine, and give us something that resembled other newer sneaking games. I did not expect this at all.

It's breathtaking to be in this world. He's developed a new vision here, and it's way less corny, and very real. At least on my ps4, it's just amazing to go around and see everything. I haven't even bothered trying to do the mission yet. I've just been walking around and experimenting with the world. Being hit by a grenade and being thrown feels shocking.

I was expecting a ps3 game that just had more polygons in it, but this is truly a next gen game from where I am sitting. It's like walking around in a dream. I am just taking my time and enjoying the depth and art here. Wow!!! I am sad that it's apparently so short, and that sucks. However, this experience quite unique.

I play a LOT of games. A LOT!!! Rarely have I been so sucked into an environment and the mechanics just feel right. It's a good day!

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Demos come in different forms. Typically, they're slices cut from the main game that offer a glimpse at the setting and plot, while giving you a chance to explore the core mechanics that will drive the gameplay experience. Sometimes game demos break these rules; Bravely Default's recent demo for the 3DS offered curious players distinct content that's separate from the final product. It wasn't short either, keeping many people engaged for 10 or more hours. Despite its length, the demo revealed very little about the main game's overall plot.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes can also be played for 10 or more hours. It also contains content that can't be found in the "main" game, The Phantom Pain. Ground Zeroes offers key plot points that lead into the Phantom Pain, it truly is a prologue game. For each of Ground Zeroes' missions, you're given the entirety of Camp Omega to accomplish your goal, but that is the sole environment in the game. This limitation is no doubt the reason for the "demo" branding by some, but Ground Zeroes is a stand-alone product. If you hold to the notion that a short game can only be a demo, and you refuse to pay for something that "should" be free, you've got a long time to wait before the "full" game is released, likely in late 2015, or even early 2016.

Even if you manage to hold out and ignore Ground Zeroes for that long, there's no guarantee The Phantom Pain will contain the same content found in Ground Zeroes.

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Sat Mayekar
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The gameplay is a mix of fluent mechanics mixed with gorgeous graphics. The lack of cinematics adds to the whole experience and what is produced is a worthy predecessor to Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

My only criticism, and I know it won't be like this for MSG5, is that it was way too short. I think I got through it in about 2-3 hours. But I guess the fact I wanted to play it for longer is a good sign right? There's nothing worse than a terrible game that drags on for days and days ;)

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Shrey Mishra
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The game is short and the gameplay is really good, but this could have been a demo to Phantom pain.

Konami taking INR 2000 is way too much!!!

4 years, 5 months ago
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