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GTA 6: Where would it to be set?

We have had interpretations of Miami, New York, California and what not, and every one of them have been forcing settings. Where could the future game be set? I was considering Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Spots are rich in building design and districts( Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Palms, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis to name some), there's a shore, a few huge shopping centers where potential setpieces and missions can occur, Ferrari World and even a few slums that aren't made obvious in highlight features on Youtube. The main true issue with the setting is that the two urban communities are tiny, and could prompt them being navigated truly brisk. In any case, could make for constraining settings and a change from the standard.

What are some of your thoughts on where the future game could be set?

4 years, 3 months ago
Ankur Singh
916 1 6

Yeah Dubai. Wouldn't it be amazing!!!

4 years, 3 months ago
Prabhav Pandey
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