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Android Games Recommendation Thread :-TOP 5 ANDROID GAMES IN MAY UPDATED

Monument Valley

Acclaimed game on iOS made its way into Google Playstore this may and took it by storm. One of the best puzzle games to be released for the smartphones in recent time, Monument Valley is about solving puzzles by literally spinning the world and opening new paths to reach your destination. Guide the princess Ida though the monument tracks discover new paths; unfold hidden tracks without being caught by the Crow People. The game is very addicting and you end up yearning that there should have been more levels. The game has a smooth and responsive gameplay make it a delightful experience. The game also boasts of having gorgeous and almost surreal visuals. All things considered, it’s worth 3.99$.

Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier is the next release from the successful Trials franchise available for smartphones. The objective is simple: race the motorcycle through the adventurous path to reach the destination. Early levels in Trials games are easy, but then the difficulty level skyrockets in no time. It gets annoying difficult to cross certain stretches of the game and will take you numerous attempts, but still will keep you engaged. Trial supports different modes and you can play time challenges against your friends, you can race each track against their ghost. The game is free and supported by in-app purchases that allow you to access resources like bikes and add-ons. If you are looking for an addictive game to kill time, this is definitely what you looking for.

Do not tap the White Tile (Piano Tiles)

This is the one game that has gone viral after Flappy Birds and stayed on top of the free charts on the playstore for this long. This game is pretty simple, you just have to tap the black tiles (which are like piano tiles) and avoid touching the white tiles. As you press the tiles keyboard sounds are made and the game paces up just after a few titles.

There are different gameplay modes to choose from 1) Classic mode: -Reach the target as soon as possible. 2) Arcade mode: -Try to tap as many black tiles as possible, no time limit 3) Zen mode: -Try to tap as many tiles as possible in 30 sec.

The game tests how well your eyes and hands are coordinated. The faster you can tap on the black tiles, the higher score you get.


JoyJoy is the new amazingly addictive twin-stick shooter from Radiangames,it might remind you of Geometry Wars and Ballistic but it has more to offer, an entire Radiangames experience. This is an attractive and fast-paced shooter that delivers an unstoppable action packed gameplay. The premise is familiar: there are waves of enemies constantly bombarding at us and we must control our ship and kill them all. The powerups are exciting and the additional weapons keep us thoroughly entertained. Gameplay is smooth and visual are top notch, a solid dual shooter for fans of this genre. At 1.99$ its worth every penny spent.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

We turn our focus now on the famous combat strategy game from the console world just released for smartphones, the XICOM. If you haven’t played it let me give you a brief.

Facing threat, governments unite to form an elite military force known as XCOM. As the commander of XCOM, you must create a fully operational base, research alien tech, plan missions, and lead your men in fierce battles against alien invasion. The decisions you take decide the fate of the entire planet.

Build your base, train troops, launch satellites, and research new tech, And engage in turn-based battles with the aliens. These are all about finding good strategic location and surprise attacks the enemy. XCOM has great quality for a game that is priced at $9.99, providing you ammo to keep you engaged.

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Nice ...Monument valley looks very interesting!

4 years, 4 months ago
Prabhav Pandey
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I LOOOOVE Moument valley, certainly one of the most beautiful games which have been designed.

4 years, 4 months ago
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XCOM is quite good too :)

4 years, 4 months ago
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