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#E32014 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End announced for 2015

Naughty Dog's next chapter in the Uncharted series is titled Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and it will be releasing in 2015.

Sony closed its E3 Press Conference with a short teaser showed Drake waking up battered and bruised on a riverbank before slowly trekking off into the jungle.

Sony teased the next Uncharted game on the eve of PlayStation 4’s launch, so it seemed like Nathan Drake’s next adventure was coming along swimmingly at developer Naughty Dog.

During combat, the player as Nate (left) can use corners and walls as cover, and then use blind or aimed fire from cover against his opponents. Gameplay in the Uncharted series is a combination of action-adventure elements and 3D platforming with a third-person perspective. Platforming elements allow Nate to jump, swim, grab and move along ledges, climb and swing from ropes, and perform other acrobatic actions that allow players to make their way through the many challenges that Nate will have to face. Although a wide variety of weapons are present in the game, the player can only carry a sidearm (pistols and the like), a primary weapon such as a rifle or shotgun, and a handful of grenades. These weapons are obtained by picking up weapons dropped by a downed foe or from those scattered around the various maps.

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