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What is your rating of Transformers Age of Extinction?

For the past seven years or so, Michael Bay has focused almost exclusively on "Transformers" films, with one exception—last year's "Pain & Gain." That steroid-infused movie presented an overstimulated, sneering and cynical view of the pursuit of the American dream, following two muscleheads who scheme their way towards the life they think they should be living.

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Swimming in greed, murder and mayhem, the film portrayed the pursuit of material wealth as an empty endeavour, which seems a bit surprising for a filmmaker who has directed TV ads for major corporate brands and worked exclusively in the studio system. And in a strange way, "Transformers: Age Of Extinction" almost acts as an apology for "Pain & Gain," with the film presenting everything that's the best and worst of Bay's toy movies to the extreme, while proudly waving the American flag.

What do you think of the movie?

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growing up with transformers, i didnt really know what to expect with the 4th installment of the film...But i was pleasantly surprised. The movie didnt drag out, the story was well put together, and for once since the 1986 transformers movie, i felt that childhood excitement that is missing from all the 80s reboots.

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I think the problem isn't Bay. What he does well is masterful staging of action and visual effects sequences that few directors can match, and a real idiosyncratic comedy style (that sometimes works well and sometimes falls to shit).

However, the real problem with these films is the writing. This one was actually a huge step up from the last two, but didn't quite capture the Spielbergian sincerity of the first. Mark Whalberg is a huge improvement as a protagonist than the ultimately annoying Sam Witwicky and the Transformers had much more personality this time round. Stanley Tucci was a joy as always.

Things that didn't work: Kelsey Grammar, Galvatron (unnecessary) and the forced China location (which was completely unjustified in the script beyond to need to tap into the Chinese marketplace). If the macguffin was buried in China by Lockdown, that would've made more sense.

What did work? Whalberg. The opening. The farm fight. Lockdown was a great villain. Stanley Tucci, killing the annoying sidekick early etc.

It's a real pity. Because all these films need are a better writer. Bay is a good director, he just needs stronger material. Bring back Kurtzman and Orci I say!

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I've only seen the first two of the series, but I believe you're right in regards to the scene with the old man. In Bay's defense, it has to be hard to say no to someone backing a dump truck full of cash down your driveway. I assume that's how they persuade him. "What do you mean he said no?! Send more dump trucks!"

This stuff has become the film equivalent of dubstep.

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I did enjoy the movie. Although its alot slower than the previous Transformers but its a MICHAEL BAY Movie its suppose to be full of action and by "FULL" i mean full of it. Yes, the whole 3 hours was full of it although I found the scenes really predictable. Maybe they need a better story line i would have enjoyed more if it was presented with a better story line. The Auto-bots against the human thing seems a little expected now. But, as they say why fix something if its not broken. Bay seems to still create "AW" with the action and it didn't disappoint all of us not atleast for people who want to watch a 3 hour movie for the sake of action BLEH :P I would give it 3 out of 5. It could have been better. Waiting for TMNT! now

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