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Is Aiden Pearce the most boring character in the history of gaming?

Watch Dogs has been out for some time now, and despite it not being the sensation many had hoped it has still sold incredibly well. But these sales figures are made all the more remarkable when you consider just how very, very boring the game’s central character is. If we’d have known about Aiden Pearce beforehand would so many of us parted with our hard-earned cash? Well yeah, probably. But still, he isn’t half boring.

Where do you begin with Aiden? He quite literally hasn’t got one redeeming factor. There’s his voice; so monotone and boring, it’s tone rarely changes no matter what’s happening in the game. He just drones on and on and on and on, it wouldn’t surprise me if his niece actually threw herself out of the car to get away from it. And then there’s his face, his stupid expressionless face. He’s like a mannequin. At first I thought it was just part of the game design and everyone in Watch Dogs was like that. But the more people you encounter the more you realise it’s just Aiden. He’s the only one, the only dead-eyed, soulless ball of misery in the game.

Whats your opinion?

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I think he is a bit too dead to be true.... GTA V's protagonists are much better!

That said the game is quite good with ultra realistic Chicago :)

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So yeah in spite of all his mad phone skillz Aiden Pearce is one of gaming’s biggest dullards.

But is he the most boring? I don't think so!

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