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6 Reasons 'Titanfall' Makes No Sense

Just a guess here: nobody plays Titanfall to experience realism. I mean, it's a game where you hop into giant mechs to shoot people. Still, it's kind of funny to break down the many ways in which the game doesn't make any sense.

Cracked lists at least six reasons why Titanfall's logic is faulty in this video, including nonsense about the bots, when Titans are sent down to players, how the game is supposedly a resource war, and how nuts some of the mechanics actually are.

My favorite bit though? "A kill is empty unless it causes actual misery to a real human." Messed up, and yet too true, Cracked. Too true.

4 years ago
Sleeping Panda
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In my experience if you can't suspend your disbelief you'll find it hard to enjoy videogames.

I sit there and take the piss sure, but if you sit there and complain "Oh, this woman walks funny" all day long then you'll never enjoy it.

4 years ago
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I absolutely love Titanfall AND I still found this video funny. Titanfall really doesn't make any sense but imo its fun as hell.

4 years ago
Nordic Slayer
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They are not really fighting over resources. Not in the immediate sense anyway.

The Militia are fighting against the brutality used to acquire those resources and the IMC are fighting to put the resistance down and exert their control over the region.

4 years ago
Anirban Ray
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