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#GamerChat Will all Console exclusive will come to PC ?

The latest trend in the industry is going in a slight odd way. First Kick starter became popular & now they are part of industry. Despite some reported to misuse that, a lot of Devs are able to have their game made and marketed by it. India's First RPG Unrest is a example of that. How a guys from Jaipur able to assemble a team produce such a good product. Even PC Gamer has covered unrest, so it is on the news. Other hand the rise of free to play as almost 85% of game like MMO/MMORPG are going free to play. With WOW subscriber declining they may adept to that soon. As for Elder's scroll online, time will say. Lastly PC getting the last laugh in "SO HYPED EARLIER" XBOX One exclusive. Remember Dead Rising 3 & Ryse: Son of Rome at launch. those were supposed to be a Exclusive title . but now they are coming to PC or shall i say "STEAM" ! So what are your thoughts about this. Any other trend that is going on which feels odd to you. What games are you excited for. Lets the GC.in Community know about it.

4 years ago
Abhishek Prusty
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I think PS 4 has not worked well till now so I think the Xbox One will see the same fate...another really encouraging trend has been the rise of PC Sales.

I mean you have smaller form factor PC's coming in to the market.

4 years ago
Anirban Ray
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I think you have a point there, PS4 is not very cost effective of you take the Indian Context.

Another encouraging trend has been the rise of Mobile and Smartphone gaming in India.

Tonnes of amazing games coming out from India is an encouraging trend to watch out.

4 years ago
Bhaskar Yo!
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