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How Oculus and Hydra combine to revolutionise shooters :)

VR headsets and motion controllers are nothing new in the world of gaming. It's not even rare to see them together. But what is exciting is Valve's new VR mod for Half-Life 2 that recalibrates the game to take advantage of this emerging tech.

As demonstrated by YouTuber, Goldfish, this new mod adapts the Half-Life 2 control scheme in a host of exciting new ways.

First off, guns are no longer locked to your head movement, so they can be aimed freely. This means that you won't have a crosshair, but instead will manually position the gun in front of your face, close one eye and peer down the iron sights.

But it gets more interesting from there. If you want to reload, you'll have to mimic the action of reloading by pantomiming adding a new clip to your firearm. So with a revolver you'll actually have to unlatch the barrel, flick it over, empty the clips, pretend to put in new ones and flick the chamber closed again. Sure this is way more cumbersome than tapping a button, but it's also a whole lot cooler.

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Freakin Awesome !!!!

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This is the next BIG thing :)

3 years, 11 months ago
Nordic Slayer
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