Plugged gaming in association with GUNNAR Optiks is to come forward with EPISODE – FOG, its next gaming tournament carrying forward the enthusiasm. The event is to take place at Federation of gamers (FOG) at DLF place saket from September 26th to 28th 2014. This 3 day event will invite participations for the game titles of FIFA 14 and WWE 2K14.

As both of these are one of the most commonly played games , the organisers have decided to keep the number of entries limited, on a First come first serve basis. Though an online registration form has been provided but registration can only be said to be confirmed when an individual collects button passes from the venue.

The participants apart from having a great experience in the heart of South Delhi (Select city mall) would also have an opportunity of winning prizes worth of rupees 21,000/- . Not only will the winner of the event but also the Top 10 runner-ups be provided with prizes.

Throwing light on the topic, Ayush Abhigyan of plugged gaming mentioned “We are a team of dedicated individuals, operating under the motive of providing the people with an opportunity and experience which they would cherish. We see a tournament not from an organiser’s point of view but from the eyes of a participant, helping us to deliver the best results. Situated at the prime location in Delhi, the venue FOG is like a magnet to gamers. With new memberships everyday an event at this place is guaranteed of not going unnoticed”

Darshit Mehta Business Development Executive Gunnar optiks “We at GUNNAR Optiks India, are proud to associate ourselves with Plugged Gaming and FOG for this upcoming gaming event taking place at one of the coolest places around Delhi. We look forward to continue our efforts in this direction making GUNNARs available to every gamer in this country to help them enjoy the experience without straining their eyes.”

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