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Gamemela, India’s leading game portal, we have emerged as a strong firm with experience in gamingSectors like FPS, MMORPG, Adventure Games, Free Download games, Free Online games, Action games and MOBA. We seek and we believe in delivering the best to our gamers and clients alike. Taking gaming to Indian gamers, with a decade old experience in understanding the needs and values of Indian public and clients, Gamemela is committed to quality service. We have always believed in encouraging our gamers who are the backbone of our concern. Gamemela has always relied on Game Experts and their feedback for having a smooth flow in work. A handful of Game Developers and Publishers who excel in their knowledge, precise skill and prompt implication of facts and figures, Gamemela is always well informed. India as an emerging country in Game Arena, Gamemela has always had the curiosity to know the trend and necessity of its people and to make the world games and Gamers approachable to Indian players, irrespective of their age. Gamemela has laid its foundation firm in gaming industry, which is changing and evolving constantly. Gamemela has well practised and kept the skill of delivering quality service to players. We have a skilled and dedicated team of back end support who function as Game Experts, Game Masters and Customer Service Executives. Might it be a question about in game features and functions or troubleshoot in any level or quest, Gamemela is swift in responding to its players and their issues. Our support ranges from in game assistance, quest issues, technical glitch, PvP hosting, event management, social networking coverage and website maintenance. We have always looked forward to have strong relationships with our clients and to keep a friendly and trustworthy relationship with players and gamers in game. Gamemela has grown from strength to strength, with its open minded approach towards clients. It will in the future see a milestone with all the goodness and support of enthusiastic gamers and clients alike.

3 years, 7 months ago
Dhananjayan Gopinathan

Good to see Game Mela :)

I want to buy games.

3 years, 4 months ago
Nordic Slayer
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