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The Poor Launcher of MapleStory

The launcher still forgets I have the game installed almost every time that I open it is often still asserting the game is under maintenance once the upkeep had already ended (a few weeks back MS Mesos stayed so for hours, leaving the channels dead more than they're as is).

Attempting to "download" the sport to the folder where it is set up to frequently properly finds it and tries to confirm the documents, yet more often than not results an error stating the game couldn't be installed. During these issues launching the sport via GameLauncher.exe works just fine, moreover, we still don't have the choice to switch accounts in the game without switching accounts in the launcher, including boring work once I need to use another account.

I do use the launcher but if these problems occur GameLauncher.exe is there to assist, with this being eliminated there'd be no escaping these issues.

Nexon has a terrible habit of supplying services and features in a just usable state if usable whatsoever and taking years to resolve the easiest of issues.

This sport is coded so poorly it causes input lag in my entire system, while the new triple A games run on the greatest settings just fine, I've a GTX 980 with an i7 4790k, there's no reason that this game should lag in any way, but it willcheapest Maplestory Mesos.

Among the lag issues, evidence for inferior code and superior management can be located simply by looking at the match's recent upgrades, causing false bans during the water wars event, problems with the anticheat (which can be by far the most intrusive anticheat I have encountered so far), functionality issues all around, etc..

2 months, 1 week ago

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