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After an unknown amoun

After an unknown amount of time doing study by the White mage and countless separate events being triggered, the second arrives for his plan to activate. A strong relic from a different dimension (Antellion) bends time and space, which traps the Black Mage as if his seal had only been made by the legendary heroes cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos! But there is a problem. The relic was just a small fragment of something much larger and as a result, that the Maple world wasn't changed back to how it was previously but instead got shattered and warped during the new sealing process. The Black Mage had been utterly defeated but Maple world could be changed forever. It was a success but at what cost?

Sport changes:Maplestory divides into 4 or 3 game universes.Maple mid - A significantly stripped down version of the world we know. The major landmarks are the same however, the geography and dinosaurs are wholly changed. Grandis, Versal and possibly the newest Krakia - Mostly unexplored and only limited information available.Each account chooses one character to function as "main". This major character is able to travel to some of those universes via the dimensional portal. Each universe is MS2 Mesos a separate thing that must be logged into individually. A players character information stays the same but where they can go is corrected. You can only be logged into one world at a time but can openly jump between them at the world select screen.

Components of this Maple multiverse might get upgraded independent of one another. Maple central would already be large so that it may not need as many updates whereas Versal might find a lot more.The best danger to Maple entire world is ceased and the remains become split into smaller pieces that should function with far less lag. This could be the ultimate plan of this White mage. When the White mage knew what he was getting himself then that which makes you believe he would not have more back up programs if something went wrong?

4 months, 3 weeks ago

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