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SHO: I didn't really expect him to score a lot

It wouldn't have been simple. After dropping the first race at home with a bombastic 3 to 0 Juve just had to conquer, transcend their limitations for even thinking of being able to play with the qualification in Madrid. Juventus arrives in Madrid full of hope and FIFA 19 Coins ready to play everything, with nothing left to lose. Allegri's team starts off with a big, enthusiastic and enthused start playing an aggressive game in the initial minutes, putting Real immediately in apprehension.

The bianconeri need a goal immediately to possess even the slightest hope of passing the turn. They find it using a lightning attack performed by the best, a ball recovered aggressively in midfield, soft and depth cross in the middle. Mandzukic doesn't wait to throw it in with an exact header. The game began well but Real doesn't give up. It creates and puts in difficulty the Juventus defense, Bale and Ronaldo are the greatest threats.

The aim, however, is still Juventus to evaluate it. Exactly the same Mario Mandzukic ST 83 sends in a couple of minutes from the conclusion of the first half a perfect cross from the right. Two to 0. Now Juventus must consider it. At 60 takes the deserved draw. Unbelievably and against all likelihood the outcome is back in a tie, the Real is below three goal in home and Juve seems projected to complete an excellent comeback bringing home the qualification.

The last moments of the game are extremely delicate and it's then that a cross in the centre is in altitude Cristiano Ronaldo that intercepts the ball and directs him within the Juventus little area. Vazquez approaches that the ball that comes towards him, is a few meters away from the doorway, is touched by Benatia who pushes him to remove the ball. The referee is safe. Ronaldo comprehends the penalty that attracts Madrid from the semifinals.

The pros and the experts understood it and also the Giallorossi fans expected it with their heart. So it was magically in a day which attracted the Capitoline team to the fore in the most crucial club-level tournament in Europe.

The initial half after only five minutes Edin Dzeko ST 88 touches just enough to start a deep hole along with the goalkeeper of Barcelona. It's 1 to 0 and you will find 85 minutes to perform Cheap FIFA 19 Coins. Roma play with a tactically perfect match trying to stop Barcelona from creating its match, possession of advanced ball and poisonous passages to pit the opposing defense. At 55 minutes the second objective is always thanks to the Bosnian attacker.

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