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The more you pay, the more you will get

Thanksgiving day is coming! In order to convey our thanks to all customers, RS3gold plans to hold an activity to give up to 8% free RS gold bonus to RS 3 and RS 07 gold. Yes, you can get cheap RS 3 gold or RS 07 gold with cheap RuneScape gold free RS gold added during our activity. Learn more about our activity:When will the activity be available:The activity will last from 03:00 a.m. GMT on Nov. 20, 2015 to 03:00 a.m.

GMT on Nov.30, 2015.How to buy RS gold to get extra free 8% RS gold bonus1. During our activity, you can buy RS 07 gold or RS 3 gold on RS3gold to place an order. 2. You can get extra up to 8% bonus if you buy RS 07 gold above 10M, or if you buy RS 3 gold above 50M.The minimum free extra bonus is 2% and the maximum is 8%. 3. After you placed the order, you can contact our 24/7 live chat to get your RS gold.Note:1. The certain free RS gold bonus will be added to the corresponding products automatically, so you only need to choose the amount of RS gold to place order.

  1. Make sure to contact our 24/7 live chat after you placed an order to ensure you can get your gold within 10 mins.It is easy and cheap to buy RS 3 gold and RS 07 gold on our site. You see, no phone or email confirmation needed if you buy RS gold with PayPal on RS3gold. If you want to buy cheap RS gold, make sure to visit RS3gold and join in our activity!The RS3gold Team Xmas Gift: Exclusive 10% off Code “XMASOFF” for RS Gold on RS3gold.Christmas Day is coming soon, and RS3gold invites you to start your Xmas deals in advance, and it kicks off the savings a little early. You see, the 10% off code “XMASOFF” for rs gold is waving at you.

The more you pay, the more you will get. Time limited, just seize the opportunity!10% off on rs 3 gold or rs gold 2007 is available on RS3gold?When logging in RS3gold, you will find that RS is listed in the Visit site front of the page. Now, if you grab this opportunity to buy RS gold, including runescape gold rs3 & 07 rs gold, you can use the 10% discount code “XMASOFF” to get more cheap rs 3 gold and cheap 07 gold at lower prices than ever.The activity will last from Dec. 5th, 2015 to Dec.15th, 2015, GMT.Will your order be completed as soon as possible?As usual, buying on RS3gold, you should never worry about the delivery speed, for the delivery is made in 10 minutes on RS3gold and you can get rs gold as soon as possible. If you fail to receive your gold, you can conduct 24/7 Live Chat and they can give you help in time to guarantee your order processed smoothly and efficiently.

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