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Bless Online Gold Bless isn't the first MMO that allows you to tame creatures and keep them as either mounts or pets. But the sheer variety of creatures you can tame even at low level is impressive. If you’re an animal lover then you’re in for a right treat.Whether you want a cat keeping you company on your travels while you ride along on a huge woolly mammoth or a wasp is more your speed Bless has got something to accommodate your taste. Even if you want to ride a giant hairy spider - each to their own.

Neowiz Bless Studio have launched a new mode for their recently launched MMO. The Bless Online Certanon Arena PvP mode will debuts today within the title’s 1.2 update.Bless Online Certanon ArenaThe Bless Online Certanon Arena is described as a small scale PvP battle that pits two teams of three against one another in a best of five match. You access the new mode through the War UI in the System menu.

In order to participate in the Bless Online Certanon Arena players must be at least ranked at Level 45. Each round of the bout is 10 minutes of length with a best of five series extending for up to as long as 50 minutes. Cheap Bless Online Gold For Sale As the mode is a best of five series the first team to secure 3 rounds wins. Or should one of the teams be entirely eliminated the opposing side would then secure victory.

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