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30% off on Buying XP-Pen Star 06 graphics drawing tablet on Amazon.co.uk

Save 30% each on Star 06 offered by XP-Pen when you purchase 1 or more. Enter code 30offStar06 at checkout https://www.amazon.co.uk/XP-Pen-Wireless-Graphics-Computer-Pressure-06Wireless/dp/B0721DJL3Q . it is begin from the date 07.01.2018,it will be end till the item out of stock .

8192 Pen Pressure Levels - A revolutionary upgrade delivering the ultimate accuracy and advanced performance; Wispy hairlines or thick strokes, precise as you intended.

New Pen - The new xp-pen P01S Passive pen is elegantly designed with the perfect size and weight, providing a better grip and a more natural drawing experience. You can also simply unscrew the pen stand to use the built-in nib extractor.

Wireless connectivity gives you an amazing cable-free work experience making for a tidier desktop environment at work. 8 Customizable Shortcut Keys: New easy to use press keys to keep your favorite functions close to you for more efficiency.

Huge Active Area -10 inch of drawing area made with high end materials giving you a large working space as well as a paper-like finish. High Capacity Battery: A 1050mAh built-in battery provides over 16 hours battery life, no need to worry the digital drawing tablet shutting down or running out of juice.

Ergonomic Design - smooth surface, XP-Pen Star06’s ergonomic design aims to provide extra comfort to our customers. You can comfortably rest your arm on the edge, reducing all the tiredness caused by long working hours and let yourself concentrate on your work.

The reporting rate of Star 06 is 250 resolutions per second while wireless electronic drawing is 200 RPS. It is well-known that if the report rate is more, the line or the picture drawn would be more similar to the profile drafted by the pen.The upgraded report rate will give you a fast response, reduce possible lagging, and present all your line work without any delay.

Finally, it is the different resolution which decides the exactness of the picture you drew. Of course we can comprehend it as the more the better. The resolution of Star06 is 5080LPI.

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