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I am an ant. Hum

emphasized textome, I am an ant. Humans call us "Hercules", "Architects??" and "Garbage Cleaners." You are shocked, we have so many titles.ants are about 3 to 4 mm tall and have 6 small lines of small feet, on either side of the body. The reason why humans call us "garbage cleaners" is that our ants grow up eating food discarded by humans Cigarettes Online. The reason why our ants grow up is probably that we don't eat vegetables. If this is the case, I would rather eat vegetables every day and grow a body that is stronger than humans, so that I don't have to be bullied by humans.ur ants are all "architects." Don't underestimate our home Marlboro Cigarettes Online, our family contains many mysteries! My home is 3 to 4 meters deep, and there are thousands of small holes in the house. Each hole is our home! There are still some field explorers Marlboro Cigarettes, shooting the structure of our home, and letting it go on TV. Is our home amazing? Our ants are all strong men. Don't look at all of us are small, but I can lift things two or three times more than myself. Is it very powerful?am here to declare carefully: our ants are beneficial insects. Please be merciful and keep your feet under your feet. We are just "cleaning up the garbage" on the wall of the canteen----small bones, and you, the wicked bad guys, actually splashed us with water, which made me separate from my father and mother. am just a small ant, beneficial to humans, please resumably, each of us has unforgettable things, but there are many things that make us unforgettable, such as: a perfect score is so proud of it; playing a very exciting game is still unforgettable; moved by the actual action of others... I am no exception. Let me talk about one thing that I will never forget:e is like running water, every minute and second is urging us to grow up quickly, start school... Unconsciously, it is over. I am happy to say: "Great, great, the exam, the exam, and the vacation after the test." I just arrived at school, only to play for a while, it is necessary to open the exam. Wang Hong and I entered the examination room with confidence. I remember that before we had a contract, it was necessary to take a 90-minute test. Now, in the sixth grade, it is not a problem to test a ninety-nine. Time passes quickly. After the test is over, I and Wang are finished. Red and other classmates discussed some of the questions on the papers. We talked a lot... After a few days, we went back to school and started to learn. After the teacher finished our score, the tragedy happened. My score Yes: Math 89, Chinese 88, only 90 in English, I pulled Wang Hong out:sorry"��s okay Wholesale Cigarettes, as the saying goes, if someone has lost his foot and made a mistake, he can make a mistake.ng - Red - you - too s is nothing, there is no lasting first, and there is no lasting last. If you are willing to work hard, you will be able to test a good result Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. This is a scientific fact."ll, I must work hard, I must test a good result next time."ood! I support you, let us work together to test a class one or two sisters again"d! Let's work hard together."

4 months ago

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