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Do you know that when I read "Little Times" and read "Sunshine Sisters Amoy", how much do I envy them? I envy them can always be together, because I don't know what will happen after we graduate, maybe. Even now, I can't even get your phone number down. Really, if I walk in the street and want to call you, I can't remember your number. When someone envied us, I was especially proud and especially proud, but they didn't know that when we cried, made trouble, we were cold, and even we had to give up. I don't want them to know this. I just want them to see that we are so good, let them envy, and then I will be very proud. I have told you forever and ever, but together, laugh together, go crazy together, and we are together, and now we are extremely smashed and flat. Now, I find that there are many places on my body that are more and more like you, not the same as when we were together, especially the way I am most obvious to people. This is one of the reasons for the contradictions we have had. Sometimes I am ridiculous, I will yell, you are, I only hope that you will turn around me Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. This is very selfish, um, I will gradually understand Marlboro Cigarettes, and slowly understand. At least for now, I won��t care about it before, but I still don��t want others to share with you, but I know it��s impossible, so... I��m thinking about it, you know it, and that��s it. I remember the sports test that day and our colleagues went to the finish line. We laughed, we held hands at the playground Newport Cigarettes Price. At that moment, I was so happy, I knew that our friendship was still there. Because now we are dull, I am always suffering. We don't always share songs and share movies as we used to. It is because now it is dull, and our quarrels are less. I should be glad that I should be sad. Anyway, it��s now flat, it��s good. When we know that there are people around us, friends are together for 5 years, 10 years. I also want the friendship that has accumulated like that. We have been together for more than five years. In fact, I think that our friendship is limited from the beginning Carton Of Newports, maybe it is six years of this elementary school! Well, there are still half a year, we are fine, it doesn't matter.I understand that friendship also needs to be cared for and operated, rather than doing whatever it pleases. Managing good friendship is also a door technology. I have not managed our friendship. I should be honed and forgive me. Not being happy with you, sometimes even cautious, be careful, because fear of the next second is a quarrel, but when you are happy, these cautions are all forgotten. Not being comfortable with you, you will be awkward. Some people say that good friends shouldn't be like this. Good friends don't say a word in a timely manner, and they won't be awkward. Even if they don't contact for a long time, they won't be cold. Isn't we not good friends? Shouldn't it, I think we are good enough, right? We can't talk about any girlfriends, confidants, we are just the simplest friends, this is still a classmate relationship, but I think this is very good. At least we are not that complicated, I think if we let us start again, I will start as before and then become the present. We are not good to die, good, good days, not afraid of fear, we are just good, very plain, enough.ehave that. It didn't happen to us that the good feelings for me didn't happen to us, but what happened to us was just plain. Even so, it would be like this Cigarettes Online.u may know me very well, oh, these are estimated to be understood when you hear half of the rest. I just want to tell you that it is timely and dull, and you have been affecting my smile until now. To my friends who will eventually be dispersed.

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