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Today is the Children's Day

Today is the Children's Day, and the school will organize a charity sale. I didn't sleep until last night, and I was so excited that because tomorrow is a charity sale. I got up early and had breakfast. I rushed into the classroom like an arrow, and I packed my bags at a fast speed, sitting on the seat and anxiously waiting for the notice to star sale began, and the ��small waiters�� in our class had some money, some took goods, and some recruited guests. There was a burst of screaming and screaming. Not long after, many children went to our "love supermarket" to buy Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, and one item was bought by the children. Watching them look good, we are also happy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. However, there are still many products that have not been sold. Suddenly, we saw big brothers and sisters holding a sign and shouting: "Don't miss it!" We also rushed to imitate and lift the brand high. High, with a scorpion shouting: "Buy one get one free! Buy one get one free!" However, not long after, our hands are sour, the scorpion is also dumb, the bean's sweat is constantly rolling down, still We can't sell it, we are very disappointed. Looking at the campus, I saw that some of my classmates stopped students from selling their own goods on the road, and some came up with various low-price promotion policies, and some were screaming hard. I took the opportunity to introduce the good method to the teacher. After we finished, we started. We made our own stunt: blowing out the double-layered balloon, just like this, not only sold the rest of the book Marlboro Red, but also sold it Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I went out with several double-decker balloons. Come to other classes to check the situation! Yo! How is the business of this "small meatball supermarket" so prosperous, just looking at the team, it has already reached the stairs... Looking at the scene on the campus, like a sea of ??jd a ��singing songs in the class��. As the saying goes, one minute on the stage and ten years in the audience. We also spent a lot of energy in this competition Parliament Cigarettes.table for a lifetime, and I also learned the hard work of my father and mother in doing business. This is an interesting June 1 event.

3 months, 2 weeks ago

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