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During the National Day, I read "How Steel Is Made". In this book, I feel the perseverance of Paul Kochakie age of eleven, Paul Kochakin entered the local train station cafe, and at the age of fourteen, he entered the power plant, gave the stoveman, the electrician a hand, and also worked on sawing firewood, coal and other chores Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. He was very strong from an early age. The desire for knowledge, the desire to study, but only a few years of learning on and off. In school, it not only has excellent grades, but also is very active. It is a good assistant to the teacher. When he was fifteen, he walked down the street and suddenly found a member of the ground revolutionary committee escorted by a heavily armed sergeant Parliament Cigarettes. Come along. He desperately rushed to the squadron, and the revolutionary was rescued accidentally, but he was arspirit of Paul Kochakin shocked us. From this short line of words, I deeply realized the strong love of the party of Paul Kochakin. He endured torture and struggled with the soldiers Marlboro Red 100S. He The spirit of never giving up is admier reading this book Marlboro Cigarettes, I can't help but think of my own wrong ideas. In the past, my mathematics scores were not good. I had to find a teacher to make up the class many times, but it was still not good. At that time, I really curiously looked at the subject of mathematics, but I didn't want to learn. After reading this book, I understand the truth: on the road of life, no matter what difficulties you encounter, you can't back down. You must use a persevering heart to face it bravely, cherish the young time, study hard, don't It should be the same time, I cHuangshan, and the Yellow River are heavy in my heart. Whenever, wherever, my heart is like a pro.... Whenever I sing the song "My Heart of China," I always think of our greah mineral resources, and more than 5,000 years of history and culture: the dignified and sturdy squares teach me to be a man; I have been deeply touched by myths; a gleaming historical name. The 5,000-year history and culture nourish us and edify us, let us understand the glory of our ancestors. Our motherland not only has a long history and culture, but also magnificent rivers and mountains: the raging Yangtze River Yellow River; the tall and upright Everest; the world's first beautiful Guilin landscape... We have been n of Wanyuan" and the treasure of Chinese culture Carton Of Marlboro Reds, was looted by the British and French coalition forces and destroyed in the fire; On September 18, 1931, the Japanese army launched an attack on northern China with a ridiculous excuse. The next day, they captured Shenyang City. Within four months, the entire Northeast region fell, and 30 million fathers became slaves. In 1937, more than 40 in Nanjing. Wan Zhonghua��s children died in the tragic death of the Japanese army... The motherland��s mother was tortured by the invaders, and she was miserable. At this time, the Chinese children stood up! They braved the bullets and strong! The 2008 Olympic Games were held in Beijing. In the same year, the "Shenzhou No. 7" spacecraft was successfully launched, leaving the footprints of Chinese in space. In May 2010, the World Expo was held in Shanghai to show the development of China's science and technology; 2010 In November, the Asian Games was held in Guangzhou... One milestone in the progress of the Chinese nation is always worth remembering! Nowadays, the baton of the times depends on our pa

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