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A few days ago, the school organized our sixth grade classmates and went to the lecture hall to watch an anti-war movie called "Xiao Bing Zhang Wei". I was deeply touched by Zhang Hao��s brave spirie story of this movie is about: In 1934, there was a child named Scorpion who saw his grandmother killed by the Japanese devil as a cover for the Eighth Route Army. He lived with the guerrillas and fought together with the desire to revenge for his grandmother Carton Of Cigarettes. With the guerrillas to defeat thelife of the blind man was very bitter. When he was a teenager, he participated in the Red Army. He brought happiness to the Red Army and repeated many difficult tasks. On one occasion, he had a shot at the enemy's butt, but he still managed to catch up with the pain. The clever little head took the enemy's leader back with a fake gun and made great contributions to the Red Army. At the time, I was not only very good. Admire the scorpion, others are bold. Another time, in order to inquire about the enemy situation, the nephew and Uncle Luo Jinbao dressed up as a hawker selling watermelon, caught a fat translator, and paid his gun. In order not to let the captain take the gun back, he actually hid it in the bird's nest. Therefore, he was criticized and closed for confinement. After the education of the captain, he finally got to know the mistake. In a battle, the nephew was injured and rehabilitated in the hometown of the fellow, but he knew that there was a task, and he sneaked back to the war. He was unfortunately arrested, but he faced the enemy, was unyielding Carton Of Newports, and cooperated with the troops. And finally became a good little scout.Zizi is indeed a brave little boy who is praised, made mistakes and corrected in time, bravely defeated the enemy on the battlefield, brave and witty. Strong, hardworking, and daring to fight, I think his spirit can also be used in the current life and study, not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of setbacks, used for challenges, I want to use the scorpion as an example, study hard, and achieve good results. Teacher, a kind of return from parents.Love, like the same breeze, blows away people's hearts, and looks like a clear spring, infiltrating the human heart. She is like the air infiltrating our words and deeds, opening up a lush forest of love for life. I remember that she didn't touch her, and she didn't ask for it. When others were in trouble, lonely and helpless, they gave a helping hand. Remember, he was not good at appearance, but he was not weak, but when others were in danger, they stood up and took pride in it; there was no vigorousness, no The fanfare, but the seeds of gratitude were planted in my heart. Ordinary people are writing noble moral styles, causing happiness and tears, shaking their hearts, fthis is the dedication of love; this is the spring breeze of the human world, this is the source of life, there is no desert of the heart, there is no wasteland of love; the god of deate north and south of the motherland and sang the voice of our Chinese children Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. In the near nd love the young! Help others when they are in trouble Cigarette Online. On rainy days Marlboro Red 100S, the old man slipped and helped him; the student was sick, brought a gift, and went to see him. Love iiety! Let us work together to build a new society full of love! ?

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