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After five years of hard work

After five years of hard work, I finally succeeded this year. I received a certificate of nine grades in calligraphy and a certificate of nine grades in hard pen calligraphy. I am very proud of myself. The success of these is derived from the word "persistence".n fact, there is no genius in the world, but we can be a snail on the ground, step by step toward the goal of the heart, as long as we persist and persevere, we can all climb the Everest of life.classmates! Persistence is victory. Let us use the spirit of perseverance to arouse the passion of learning in our hearts. By taking the train of knowledge, we will be able to reach the other side of success with firm steps.Looking at the big raindrops of the Bean Ding, I slammed the window and I began to feel a hot heart.Oh la la la -" The rain is getting bigger and bigger tonight, and I don't mean to stop. This rain seems to penetrate my mind, and this unforgettable thing flashed through my mind This afternoon, as the bell rang, the English evening reading officially began. Teacher Zhao stood on the podium and the English book in her hand was slammed onto the podium. ��ž������, the whole class was quiet. All of them brushed and looked at Teacher Zhao. I saw her with a helpless and stern face, and said: "Students who spoke in the art class stood up!"Most of the classmates look at me []How Much Is A Carton Of Newports[/url], I look at you, then slowly stand up. Only three students left up.eeing this quiet, Teacher Zhao said in a gentle tone: "Speak, continue, don't you like talking very much? You will talk about the exam. I will give you a speech for the late reading... The three students who didn't speak I am coming here with an English book..."The three students came to Zhao in succession. We are standing still []Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url].omeone muttered: "Mr. Zhao looked at the class diary and found that the art review was good." We began to regret it, completely regretted, regretted speaking in the art class, and walked out of the seat.A t this time, looking at the yuding's big raindrops slamming the window []Newport 100S[/url], "Drip replies..." Every tone is like a needle tip, one by one stabbing our hearts. Also, for more than ninety days, time is like a river. When it flows away, it will flow away. Why do we talk in the art class, can we not calm down and draw every picture with heart?Then the madness grew bigger and bigger, and there seemed to be no intention to stop. It seems that this rain has hurt the whole world and it has also hurt our hearts. In the big family of youth []Cheap Cigarettes[/url], tears, friendship and laughter, can you not leave eternal happiness memories in the last semesterhe impatient mood is on my mind, everyone's thoughts are together. I want to find a way for Teacher Zhao to forgive us! Some students said: "Mr. Zhao, we are wrong, please forgive us." Some couldn't help but shouted loudly and shouted: "Mr. Zhao, we are wrong!" There is even a cry of whispering. eacher Zhao looked at us and continued to bury his head to the three students. In fact, at the moment of burying the head, I saw the tears she left.After a while, Teacher Zhao began to pack things up. We were anxious and overwhelmed []Cigarettes Online[/url]. When Teacher Zhao stepped out of the classroom at 0. 01 meters, we all said in unison: "Mr. Zhao, sorry!"Looking at the black rain under the window, we couldn't help but stand still, maybe, we really reflected.ooking at the black heavy rain and gently tapping the window, tonight, my face should be thought of!

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