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Childhood is a beautiful flower in th

Childhood is a beautiful flower in the spring breeze. Childhood is a brilliant star in the Milky Way. How many past events, memories are more sweet and warm. My childhood was spent in this joy and happiness. On the first day of school, my mother took me to school. When I arrived at the entrance of the kindergarten, my mother handed me over to a teacher with long hair and hurried to work. The female teacher took my hand and walked into the kindergarten. Walking and walking, I heard a cry from a classroom. I quickly ran over with the teacher. It turned out to be my classmates. They cried red and red, and they read: "Dad, mother, I want to go home!" Several teachers are staring at them, teasing them and not crying. Soon after watching them, I joined them and burst into tears Marlboro Cigarettes. The whole classroom is full of life, and "live" is extraordinary. In addition to crying together Marlboro Gold, of course, everyone can play together. Among them, the botanical garden is the most popular among us. The botanical garden is a wonderful paradise. All kinds of trees and flowers exude a pleasant fragrance. From time to time, the grasshoppers are thrown out of the grass and scary. Although there are not many plant species in the botanical garden, the area is not small. The land of the block is also inserted with a small wooden sign indicating the type of plant. A large aisle is lined with chrysanthemums. Some potted chrysanthemums are blooming, like a palm; some contain cockroaches, like the fists of a small baby; and there are flower bones, like a pompom, it is a variety of poses. They are different in color, some are golden, purple and red, so beautiful! With a crisp ringing of the class, my friends and I flew out of the classroom like birds flying out of the jungle Cigarettes Online. We are here to jump rubber bands, hide and seek, sit on the grass and talk, sometimes we don��t know when we go to class. Every time I play the class Online Cigarettes, everyone will return to the classroom one by one, or one of them will have a stomachache and distract the teacher. After a short kindergarten life, I entered primary school. I am very happy with my primary school life. It not only taught me a lot of knowledge, but also made me a lot of friends How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. My childhood is so beautiful, so full of fun. It is like a painting depicting the laughter and laughter of my childhood. It is like a five-flavor bottle containing the acidity, sweetness, bitterness and spicyness of my childhood.

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