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In life, the pace of opportunity

In life, the pace of opportunity is so soft, quietly coming and quietly going, silent. It��s easy to is a saying that "the machine can't be lost, the time is no longer coming". After experiencing the thing that I regretted, I realized the truth contained in this sentence.the fifth grade, the school held a fifth-grade language competition. Before that, I participated in two competitions, one was a mathematics competition and the other was an English competition. However Marlboro Red, the results are not good. This time, the teacher has carefully selected and selected five students. I am also one of the "phobias" in the competition. I heard that this language competition is very difficult. There are extracurricular ancient poems, some famous writers' works... Hey, these are my weaknesses, especially ancient poems. One week before the competition, the four selected students were under intense review. All day long, the book does not leave, and the ancient poems are back. But what about me? Still hesitating to participate. Because every classmate in the class has to take the exam during the competition, it is also a class competition. In this way Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, on the third day, when the teacher once again announced the competition list, I said without thinking: "Teacher, I don't want to participate in the competition, okay?" The teacher paused: "If you don't want it, don't be reluctant." And re-elected a classmate. the day of the competition, I looked at the faces of the five students who participated in the competition with a glorious smile. I felt weird. Some students also came to ask me: "Why don't you participate in the competition?" I screamed for a moment and could only reply with a smile.time passed quickly. From the preliminary to the rematch Parliament Cigarettes, all five students passed. In the final, the five students were confident. Yes, when the results were announced: two students were first prizes and three students won second prizes Cigarette Online. The classmate who was re-elected by the teacher later also boarded the podium How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. Yes, but her usual results are behind me! Hey, I think if I go to participate, what will happen? I asked the students who participated in the competition to test what questions. As soon as the classmates said, I regretted it. I will be able to ask those questions. Really, but I was scared by the timid stumbling blocks, and I was scared to leave the house. I missed a chance!hate myself so that this great opportunity is let go after I catch it. Being timid, afraid of failure makes the opportunity never return. Lack of self-confidence makes regrets linger in my mind. One chance, so quietly go. you give me another chance, I will hold it firmly. If you give me another chance, I will face it with courage and confidence. If I give me another meeting, I will not hesitate to participate. If you give me another chance, I will definitely grasp it!friends, please let us take the opportunity firmly and don't let it pass us!

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