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Every three-hour episode of PFT Live ends up in the form of a three-part podcast. The Memorial Day edition was no different.

So here it is , @PFTPMPosse and all others who enjoy the morning show. All three segments from a show that included plenty of questions submitted via Twitter.

Since it’s a holiday, and given that things will likely be slow today, it’ll take the place of #PFTPM. And since Stats ate his pre-cut pancakes at home this morning, it felt like an extended edition of the afternoon podcast.

We’ll be back on Tuesday with a full three hours on NBC Sports Radio, with the final two hours on NBCSN. Chris Simms will be in the building as well, and we’ll continue to help you through an interesting offseason that got even more interesting last week.

First-round contract standoffs that linger into training camp used to be: (1) much more common; and (2) a much bigger deal. In recent years , the relatively rare impasse that prompts a prominent player to pass on showing up for practice is widely met with shrugs.

That shouldn’t be the case. A brand-new player, with each passing day, misses one or two full practices that otherwise would help the player prepare to hit the ground sprinting once the regular season begins. As fewer and fewer of them draw that line in the sand, it should be a much bigger deal when it happens.

In Chicago, G.M. Ryan Pace expressed optimism four days ago that No. 8 overall selection Roquan Smith would soon sign a contract. The linebacker still isn’t in camp, however.

The news that the 49ers have signed tackle Mike McGlinchey Bobby Massie Jersey , the ninth overall pick in the draft, could make it easier to finally get Smith’s deal done. Like McGlinchey, Smith is represented by CAA. Like McGlinchey, Smith is caught up in the bottom-of-the-top-10 cluster that, as PFT explained last week, has had deals delayed by roster bonus structures and language that would void future guaranteed payments.

At this point Chase Daniel Jersey , Smith and CAA may simply wait to see what the guy taken in front of Smith gets. Bills quarterback Josh Allen, the seventh overall selection, also hasn’t signed; if his deal gets done before rookies and veterans report for duty in only two days, Smith will have an immediate ceiling to go along with his immediate floor.

At that point, however, the Bears and CAA may end up caught in an argument that any favorable terms finagled for Allen have more to do with the so-called “quarterback premium ,” and that Smith shouldn’t get the same consideration.

Regardless, Smith continues to miss valuable meetings and reps. While it’s his prerogative to drive a hard bargain, the nonchalance that has emerged as these absences become less common doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Five of the top 10 draft picks from 2018 remain unsigned, and all of them were taken in the top eight.

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