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The broad insistence on “respect” for the national anthem by the NFL [url=]Authentic Oscar Fantenberg Jersey[/url] , coupled with the President’s suggestion that anyone who fails to stand proudly for the anthem “maybe . . . shouldn’t be in the country,” fairly should bring unprecedented attention to the behavior of everyone attending an NFL game, including the fans.

Apart from fans not standing or not taking their hats off or or not getting their faces out of their phones or yelling profanities at easy-target players who are standing motionless during the anthem or going to the bathroom (either in the bathroom or elsewhere) or standing in line to buy a hotdog or hobnobbing in a luxury suite, there’s a specific tradition at Arrowhead Stadium, where 70 [url=]Womens Devante Smith-Pelly Jersey[/url] ,000-plus fans commemorate the last word of the anthem (“brave”) by shouting “Chiefs!”

So will the Chiefs be asking Chiefs fans not to turn the last word of the anthem into a pre-kick battle cry?

“[O]ur plan is encourage everyone in our stadium to stand and respect the anthem,” team spokesman Ted Crews told PFT via text message on Thursday.

Crews specifically declined to address the question of whether drowning out the last word of the song with a word that isn’t part of the song constitutes “respect” for the anthem. At some point, however, the Chiefs likely will have to cross that bridge, because the NFL’s latest effort to close the door on the anthem issue has opened plenty of others [url=]Antti Niemi Jersey[/url] , as fan behavior during the anthem becomes a belated focal point in the effort to determine whether the respect that the league and the President demand from the players is being demonstrated by anyone and everyone who is in the venue.

CANTON, Ohio (AP) There were no demonstrations by any players during the singing of the national anthem Thursday night at the Hall of Fame game.

All players and coaches for the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens stood as the NFL’s preseason began.

The NFL modified its national anthem protocol in May, prohibiting any sort of demonstrations for 2018, but allowing players to remain in the locker room during ”The Star-Spangled Banner” if they chose to. Individual teams would be responsible for disciplining any demonstrators.

The players’ union filed a grievance about the policy change, and late last month [url=]Devan Dubnyk Jersey[/url] , the new policy was put on hold while the NFL and NFLPA work on a resolution.

Those demonstrations were begun by then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in 2016 when he kneeled during the anthem to protest racial inequality and social injustice. The kneeling and other displays of protest spread leaguewide, particularly when President Trump suggested team owners fire players who didn’t stand for the anthem.

On Thursday night, everyone on the sideline stood.

”We as a group talked about it and decided that was what we were doing,” new Bears coach Matt Nagy said. ”It’s for unity and togetherness. The guys are really excited to come up with one deal as a team. They were all out there; from what we talked about, it happened.”

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Since the fan behavior in the national anthem has become a late focus to do my assignment for me, efforts are made to determine whether the league and presidential requirements for players are proven by anyone and the people present.

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