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Earl Thomas is selling his Seattle home [url=]Johan Larsson Jersey[/url] , planning to play for a new team. The Seahawks cornerback will return to the team that drafted him only if he gets a new deal, according to Newy Scruggs of NBC Sports Radio.

Would Thomas sit out all season? That’s doubtful considering what’s at stake.

He can make $8.5 million in the final year of his contract and become a free agent in March.

But Thomas won’t report to training camp with his teammates this week.

The impasse between Thomas and the team makes a trade likely. The Cowboys still have interest in Thomas, and Thomas has never hidden his interest in playing for the team he grew up rooting for.

He told coach Jason Garrett to “come get me” last December after the Seahawks-Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium.

But, according to Scruggs [url=]Andrew Ladd Jersey[/url] , Thomas also reached out to Raiders owner Mark Davis while in Las Vegas to express interest in playing for Davis’ team.

The hangup, though, is compensation. Otherwise, the Cowboys and Seahawks would have consummated a deal during the second-day of the draft.

Dallas is unwilling to give up a second-round pick for the 29-year-old Thomas.

Thomas made his feelings known on social media last week when he asked the Seahawks to either extend him or “let’s make a trade happen.”

The Jaguars are ripping out the tarps at their stadium this year [url=]John Gibson Jersey[/url] , and they’re filling those newly available seats with new season ticket holders.

Ten thousand new season ticket packages have been sold in Jacksonville this offseason. According to the Jaguars, they’re the only NFL team that has sold that many new season tickets this year.

Of course, many teams can’t sell 10,000 new season tickets because they were already selling their maximum allotment of season ticket holders. So it’s not as if the Jaguars have suddenly become the hottest ticket in the NFL.

But combining the 10 [url=]Joonas Donskoi Jersey[/url] ,000 new season tickets with the fact that 90 percent of last year’s season ticket holders renewed, the Jaguars are clearly in very good shape to fill up their stadium, even with more seats available. For a team that has often struggled to fill its stadium even when thousands of seats were covered by tarps, it’s a very good sign that last year’s strong season has heightened fan enthusiasm.

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