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Which generally happens in the same 11-minute timeout

If you quit you get no points and can not play for 10 minutes anyway, so you're better off remaining in the match and hoping everyone else can too. Because if one person stops, the sport gets partly unstuck: players still can't click their cards, but turns do Buy Maplestory Mesos go from one to another and also the AI plays for everybody. And then at the end (which generally happens in the same 11-minute timeout) the game punishes everybody for "AFK'ing" since they didn't play their cards and let the AI do it to them...

In terms of out voting people: no.It would mean that anybody who's down to a card would get kicked out by another three, who may not be buddies but are all in agreement that they don't want him winning.As Loonacm explained, the match itself should be stricter with AFK'ers. So, it should only kick them out, instead of continuing to play for them after awaiting their turns out.BTW, in my experience, there aren't that many AFK'ers. A great deal of botters, but the bots do play, so that they are much less of a nuisance. Nobody gains anything from genuinely AFK'ing, therefore people don't do that on purpose.

This is largely concerning the Madhouse, however, it applies to a lot of events in Maple, which have an element of RNG and limited attempts. An event ought to have a means to make sure everybody wins, given they try hard enough.

Examples for your Madhouse occasion: Allow going back in when reaching the Escape space, without using up another pass. It's still possible not to find a certain page, even when allowed to wander the Madhouse eternally, but it becomes vanishingly unlikely. Make it possible to purchase any journal page you're missing by paying some (large) number of coins. This could either be the Vending Machine NPC, or it could be some new shady NPC (such as a greedy Orderly) that only appears when you have cleared X quantity of rooms.

Make the chance of getting a page from the proper reactor go up with the amount of efforts you make, until it reaches 100% or till you have the webpage. So, if the chance of a Test Tube falling Page 2 starts out at 5%, then each time you trigger Maple M Mesos a Test Tube it'll go up by another 5%, until after 20 Test Tubes you are guaranteed of getting that webpage. When you get the webpage the chance resets to 5% and remains there.

I am sure other methods can be considered. The important part is, again : be sure everybody who makes a sincere effort can complete the event. Real Life does that, but we play games to escape the frustrations of real life, to not get more of these.

After a couple frustrating attempts in the train and beating Shao, I've come up with a means to kill her for Zero that should result in no passing (it did for me personally, twice in a row,) and a few(somewhat obvious, but still possibly helpful)tips for escaping the train. The majority of this relies on the skill "Time Holding" so if you are too low to have this skill, this may not be as helpful, but you still may get a couple tips.

Always visit the left as that's where the last car is along with the explosions you have to escape from beginning on the right side. Stay on the top for so much as possible as there's less things to block you and permit the explosions to catch up to you.When you need to go down, simply jump near the border of the top of a vehicle and you should get within another one.Don't kill some of these monsters, just press your potions and walk past them.Make sure you have your "discussion" on if you're large enough to have it. If you make a mistake along with the explosions have been in opinion, utilize "Time Holding" and attempt to get as far ahead of these as you can.  

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