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that was handed out.

From efforts to launch a cat into Instagram fame to offers to unravel yarn for an art project [url=]Authentic Henrik Lundqvist Jersey[/url] , people who aren’t part of the Super Bowl itself are using the game’s spotlight to promote their own ventures.

One online ad offers $40 an hour to someone who will impersonate a shirtless Christian Grey, the protagonist from ”Fifty Shades of Grey,” on Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis, the city where this year’s Super Bowl is being held. Another offers $13 hourly to someone who will walk back and forth and unravel yarn for an art project, according to Minnesota Public Radio News .

One woman wants to hire someone for $30 an hour to hand out flyers promoting the Instagram account for her 20-pound cat. Elizabeth ”Z” Townsend said she’s gotten 20 to 25 people interested in the job.

”I’ve always wanted to gain recognition in a way and when I got Dumpling, he’s just the most beautiful cat and I knew that other people would like him as well. It brings people joy. It brings me joy to follow other cats and animals on Instagram,” Townsend said.

The Super Bowl crowds offer so many opportunities for side hustles that one man is making a documentary about them. David Leach, of New York City, got the idea at last year’s Super Bowl in Houston. This year’s Super Bowl is Sunday at U.S. Bank Stadium between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

”I was thinking, man, somebody has got to capture this. I mean [url=]Panthers Elite Jerseys[/url] , there are so many different personalities that go to the host city just because of the amount of money that’s on the street,” he said. ”I’ve never been to a place in my life where there’s more business transactions happening at every level.”

Leach hired two Minnesota residents to help him navigate the state as he makes his movie, called ”Hustler’s Holiday.”

”It’s really an amazing time just for anybody that’s working in almost any capacity, whether it be a chef or a hotel manager or an Uber driver or a DJ or a person trying to promote their cat,” Leach said.

Jackie Santrelle, 22, is hoping the Super Bowl could be her big break. She replied to a Craigslist ad seeking a Tina Turner impersonator, and was instead cast as Diana Ross for the ”Tribute to Motown” show at the Minnesota Music Cafe.

”It was amazing how the universe moves because I went in to do backgrounds and I came home Diana Ross,” Santrelle said.

Information from: Minnesota Public Radio News,

Every year the NFL gets a jolt of excitement when free agency opens up and players get an opportunity to cash in for their years of hard work. It can be a heartbreaking time for some fanbases as they see some of their favorite players move on to new teams. It's something that may become even more difficult if they sign with a team you hate, like Richard Sherman who decided to sign with the San Francisco 49ers [url=]Authentic Carl Gunnarsson Jersey[/url] , or go on to reach their full potential under a new system, like Golden Tate with the Detroit Lions (poor Seattle!).

But for every player that breaks your heart as they walk out the door, I'd hope you can find someone new on your team to help give you some new reasons to be pumped for September. While I would love to say that it is, free agency is not a guaranteed way to improve your team. And if your team makes the wrong moves, it may be the quickest way to guarantee your team isn't improving for at least another year or more depending on the contract that was handed out.

Let's just hope that some of the bigger moves that were made in this past offseason are ones that end up benefitting your team. If not, instead of having a new player to love, you may just have a new reason to shut the TV off with frustration! But don't get too frustrated, as there is always the next offseason to help turn your team's fortunes around.

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I just recently purchased Dance Central 2 and just found out that I could export songs from the first Dance Central with the 16-digit code that came with it.....

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