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I started school and started school! Oh, I haven't seen my classmates for eight days. It feels so kind and so warm.ryone came back together, or to provoke a little bit of talk about Chen Hewen; or because a classmate��s joke chased her to run around the playground; still for Zhang Jiaxun��s ��after-speaking language�� and he quarreled with him... every day It is such a life, full and happy.me classmates love to say that love laughs, is a "living treasure"; some students have more ideas, often let everyone smile; some students are more serious Marlboro Cigarettes, grab a sentence to analyze wording by word; others are always reporting to others With a sweet smile, like the sun in the winter shines on people's hearts. Fifty students in the class, each classmate is different and unique.pure and beautiful childhood is only once, it is about to become our memories. In my childhood, there are many classmates who accompanied me, which will be the best memories of my life.iendship with classmates is like a sugar cane Newport Cigarettes Price, you need to chew to taste sweet; friendship with classmates is like a glass of wine, it takes a long time to wine and nose. Every classmate is like my brothers and sisters, who are kind and familiar.n today, Chen Hewen said to me: "I ask you a question about high IQ: "Is there a chicken or an egg first?" "I am going to say the answer in my heart, but I suddenly saw his smirked face. I thought: I can't just go to him like this! So I said this to him:" what! If I say that there is a chicken first, you will say that there is no chicken to come to the egg? If I say that there is an egg first Parliament Cigarettes, you will say that there is no egg from the chicken, right? So I can't say anything. "It seems that this is really a "high IQ answer"! Chen Hewen suddenly "dumb gun".er, although Chen Hewen has been fooled Carton Of Newports, is there a chicken or an egg first? I looked at the Internet and everyone talked about it and divided it into "chicken pie" and "egg pie." The struggle between the two factions was fierce, and the reason was plausible and the facts were seen.r, I have formed a set of "Lee's theory": I prefer "eggs." I think so: a long time ago, a bird gave birth to a strange egg Marlboro Cigarettes Price. After the egg hatched, it became a strange bird that was not the same as its parents. Then it continuedt "first chicken or egg first"? It is still unknown. However, I believe that in the near future, we will certainly use our knowledge and strength to solve this somewhat "nonsense" problem.

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