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Norse Code Podcast Episode 249:

Be a Man feat. Michael Kist of Bleeding Green Nation Radio **Download Link Here**(03:28) Eagles Preview with Michael Kist(52:49) Mailbag(59:54) MascotsEpisode Notes:Here’s my piece previewing the Eagles game at the AthleticAnd here’s my piece debunking common myths about the Vikings defense this yearThis is that great Benjamin Solak piece on the Tampa-2 Robber I mentioned a few times on the showBE A MANHere’s Michael Kist praising Stefon Diggs for the “witch” routeThe Eagles home defense is incredibleFear the Bleacher CreatureSpecial thanks to Rhymesayers Entertainment and Atmosphere for the new theme song!Arif - @ArifHasanNFLJames - @bigmonoTo listen to more [url=]Minnesota Vikings Hoodie[/url] , this is the link to that iTunes feed. If you can’t for whatever reason subscribe via iTunes, subscribe to via our RSS feed, which should support the RSS reader or podcast organizer of your choice. You can still leave a review even if you can’t subscribe via iTunes because it’s easy to create an AppleID. We also have a YouTube channel. Our podcasts are automatically uploaded there.If you want to make sure you don’t miss an episode and find out ways to support the show, head to our website!But we also have a Patreon and that should make it even easier to support the best podcast for your Minnesota Vikings. We know that it’s a tough ask given all the problems involving their transaction fees, but if can manage it, check it out here. If you wanted to donate via Paypal instead of Patreon [url=]Youth Customized Minnesota Vikings Jerseys[/url] , head to this link.Once again, contact me at arifmhasan (at) gmail dot com or the podcast at NorseCodePodcast (at) gmail dot com. Follow us on twitter at @NorseCodeDN or just me at @ArifHasanNFL. You can follow producer and host James Pogatshnik at @bigmono.Vikings Dalvin Cook says he is ready for San Francisco 49ers Dalvin Cook’s first game back was a blink and you missed it preseason moment against the Seattle Seahawks. He carried the ball twice for one yard which doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you’ve been out for a full year with a torn ACL, it tells you that you are ready for the first regular season game.Cook spoke with the Pioneer Press about his return. “I got it out of the way and now it’s time for me to hone in on what we’re doing as an offense. My knee is fine. It’s ready to go. I’m ready to play.”His emotions are all over the place right now as expected but he is trying his hardest to keep them in check. “You can get overly excited, and that’s when the mind goes racing with all types of things.” For Cook he knows that staying focused on football and the San Francisco 49ers is priority number one.As far as his workload? Cook knows that he is not ready to jump in head first and be the primary running back. He knows he needs to ease his knee into it and shake off any remaining rust that he may have. But this is where he’ll get by with a little help from his friends. “We know once the ball gets into anybody’s hands in the backfield, something can happen.” Sharing the primary load with Cook will be Latavius Murray [url=][/url] , but don’t be surprised if John DeFilippo will bring in Mike Boone or Roc Thomas to help. “Whoever touches the ball, we know we can get an explosive play out of any of the guys in our running back room. Whoever (offensive coordinator John DeFilippo) gives the ball to, we’re all excited for that.”

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