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Post images, predictions, and tutorials, respond to posts, and vote for helpful, informative or clever responses — will reward you with badges along the way! Here is a list of the badges, and how many people have earned each one.

Badges are fun! They're just little reminders that you are awesome

  Autobiographer × 114 Completed all user profile fields
  Awesome Post × 0 Post got 100 responses
  Awesome Response × 0 Response voted up 100 times
  Civic Duty × 0 Voted 300 times
  Commentator × 54 Commented on a Reply
  Critic × 8 First down vote
  Early Bird × 55 Left the First Reply on a Post
  Famous Post × 0 Post viewed 10,000 times
  Fastest Gun in the West × 0 Left the First Reply on 100 Posts
  Great Post × 1 Post got 25 responses
  Great Response × 0 Response voted up 25 times
  Interesting Post × 4 Post viewed 1,000 times
  Mother Teresa × 0 Sent feedback each day for 30 days
  Nice Post × 4 Post got 10 responses
  Nice Response × 5 Response voted up 10 times
  Organizer × 37 Retagged a Post
  Philanthropist × 0 Sent feedback each day for a week
  Popular Post × 0 Post viewed 2,500 times
  Proof-Reader × 55 First edit
  Quick Shooter × 4 Left the First Reply on 25 Posts
  Supporter × 47 First up vote
  Volunteer × 10 Sent feedback

What are Badges?

A way for us to say thank you. A way to let others know you care. A way to show your contributions to the community...

...are given for completing basic tasks.

...are given for being an active part of the community.

...are given for going above the role of active participation. It'll take some elbow grease but we think you'll decide it's worth it!

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